Matrimonial Website Design

Matrimonial Website Design

Wish Info is one of the best matrimonial / matrimony website design company and we have professional matrimony web designers in Rajkot, India. Online matrimonial portals in Gujarat are the fastest growing industry on the internet in India these days. The advanced technology that enables visitors to find the perfect match for themselves by automating calculations, comparisons in a massive profile database.

The agents even go to the extent of developing their own matrimonial portal through which they can earn in a great way. These portals even enable the visitors to register and they can become the member of the matrimonial portal, on the other hand non-registered members can access with limitations. Our talented web designer and web developers’ teams have the ability to develop Matrimonial Website Design with maximum user friendliness.

Global Features

  • Design having suitable color combination for matrimonial website with animated banner.
  • Online registration (paid or free).
  • Search – based on 1st/2nd marriage, height, annual income, complexion etc.
  • Unpaid members can search profiles but with limited access, they won’t be able to see the contact details of profiles.
  • No restriction of number of profiles, photos etc.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete/de-activate profiles.
  • Interface for Admin to add/edit/delete contents, pictures.
  • FB page integration.
  • Basic SEO – adding keywords, meta-tags, and website submission to all search engines.
  • Website hits analyzer – Google Analytics
  • Local business listing
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Payment and Membership Reports

Features for registered members

  • Profile details.
  • Authorization to change partner profile
  • Edit self profile
  • Upload Photos (More than one)
  • Secure Photos
  • Upload Horoscope (scanned photo)
  • Family Information – Father, Mother Name, Status, etc
  • Access Partner Preference
  • Contact Profiles
  • Hobbies
  • Access Details of Members
  • My Matches
  • SMS Alerts ( New )
  • Speedy Smart Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search by Profile ID
  • Search by City/ State
  • Narrow Search (New)
  • Search by Height
  • Search by Color
  • Search by Weight
  • Search by Education
  • Search by Community
  • Search by Religion
  • Search by Occupation
  • Search by Zodiac Sign
  • Search by Salary
  • Search by Age
  • Express Interest
  • List of members whom I have accepted
  • List of members who have accepted me
  • List of members who have contacted me
  • List of members whom I have contacted
  • List of all Received messages
  • List of all Sent messages
  • Share profile to a friend
  • Send Personalized Messages
  • Access to Print Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the matrimonial website design and development process?
    1. Information Gathering
    2. Planning
    3. Design
    4. Development
    5. Testing and Delivery
    6. Maintenance
  • Does my matrimonial website work with mobile?
    Yes. All of our websites are 100% fully responsive which means they are optimized for all desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This also includes all browsers and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Will my matrimonial website show up in Google?
    Yes. We design matrimonial websites from the ground up so that they work well with search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  • I need a matrimonial business website but I don’t know where to start?
    Your first priority is to get in contact with us so that we may be able to help you.
  • How much does it cost to design and develop a matrimonial website?
    Our pricing will be based on your unique requirements, as every website is unique
  • How long will it take for you to create my matrimonial website?
    Commonly depends upon how large and complex your requirement is. In case you have a deadline, we will venture to meet it.
  • In which platform you will design my matrimonial website?
    Basically we suggest WordPress for matrimonial website design. If you like different technology then we will follow you.
  • Do you design logo for matrimonial website? How many samples?
    Yes, we will design logo for your matrimonial website. We will provide you five different samples.
  • I have a matrimonial website, but I’d like it to look more professional. Can you help?
    Yes. We will examine your current site, discuss your goals, and work with you to plan the redesign of your site. We will redesign your existing matrimonial website with fresh and new design. We will also migrate images/content to new matrimonial website.
  • I have a matrimonial website but I want to make it responsive. How much time you will take for this?
    Although, it depends on the type of website design and functionalities but we take an average of 3-4 days.
  • Do you take care of hosting and Domain name registration for my matrimonial website?
    Yes, We do.
  • Can I choose you to design my matrimonial site but choose another web host?
    Yes, you could choose another server hosting provider and have the website designed by us.
  • Do you include API integration in matrimonial website design services?
    Yes of course, we are expert in third party API integration. But you need to provide us login credential for that API you want to use.
  • Can I modify my matrimonial website design?
    You can modify the colors, fonts, background images, and your logo.
  • Do you offer e−commerce packages for matrimonial website?
    Yes we do.
  • Do you offer flexible payment options?
    Yes, we can provide flexible upfront payment options to make it easier for you to bill your clients if needed.
  • Will you place ads on my matrimonial site?
    We will NOT place ads on your site unless you specifically request us to do so
  • Do you provide web hosting for my matrimonial website?
  • I have a nonprofit organization and have a limited budget. Can you help?
    Wish Info extends special discounts to nonprofit organizations. We will help you in each step of the process to minimize your expenses.
  • We are a small startup business, what is the best solution for our requirement?
    We would like to suggest minimum 8-10 pages of basic website with a custom design.
  • Why should we choose Wish Info for matrimonial website design?
    A good question. Professional matrimonial website design is not easy any more. We always aim to do our best to get your matrimonial site up and running as quickly as possible. Choosing us means you will be choosing a company that cares. You need not worry about quality. We offer our services at a very competitive price. On time delivery.

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