Convert PSD to Bootstrap HTML

Convert PSD to Bootstrap HTML

Recognizing the significance and growing trend of HTML responsive design, we at Wish Info, offer world-class PSD to Bootstrap conversion service at the best prices. Nowadays, converting Photoshop file to HTML code is a common practice to achieve responsive & cross-browser compatible website.

Our team is now on-boarding projects that are using the bootstrap framework. As you know Wish Info is always striving to keep up with evolving technologies and we have been performing workshops and training sessions to handle your PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversions.

At Wish Info, we help our customers to take advantages of Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework. If you are done with your PSD design and now you want to build website or applications on Bootstrap frameworks then Wish Info should be your first priority because we have 9+ years of expertise in PSD to responsive HTML, Bootstrap and other front-end frameworks. We have a team of talented Bootstrap developers who can convert your PSD design into Bootstrap HTML with pixel perfect finishing

Why Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks for building responsive websites and apps. Building websites and applications with Bootstrap is amazing. Bootstrap's robust documentation, strong feature set, and community support make it one of the best front-end development frameworks. Once you start with Bootstrap, you won't stop.

PSD to Bootstrap Development Features

  • Bootstrap development is FAST
  • It’s responsive
  • It’s fully customizable
  • Bootstrap comes with several JavaScript components
  • Bootstrap is built to work best in the latest desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Creating a responsive design drastically cuts down on development time and cost.
  • Easier to Manage and SEO Friendly
  • Bootstrap has one of the best responsive, mobile first grid systems available. It’s easy to use and flexible. It helps in scaling a single website design from the smallest mobile device to high definition displays, logically dividing the screen into 12 columns, so that you can decide just how much screen real estate each element of your design should take up.

PSD to HTML Bootstrap Conversion Process

  • After you submit an order request we go through your files and requirements, and ensure everything is clear and enough to start the conversion of PSD to Bootstrap.
  • Approved project goes to the development team, where it will be hand-coded and implemented according to the designs and project requirements.
  • When PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion is done, our QA engineers will check it out to find any mistakes or inconsistencies.
  • Finish! We deliver your Bootstrap theme to you and looking forward for your feedback. Cheers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why PSD to Bootstrap HTML?
    Conversion of PSD to Bootstrap HTML makes web pages more accessible in World Wide Web. PSD files are not easy to maintain. For their maintenance they need to convert into Bootstrap HTML. For making a website search engine friendly, PSD to Bootstrap HTML Conversion is important.
  • What exactly PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion means?
    PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion is one of our most demanding service involves step by step manual process to convert design into fully fledged Bootstrap HTML website.
  • What process involves in PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion?
    Our PSD to Bootstrap HTML Conversion service comes below steps:
    1. Slicing PSD into different pieces
    2. Bootstrap HTML & CSS Coding
    3. Responsive Bootstrap HTML Integration
    4. Testing & Deployment
    5. User Manual & Documentation
  • What types of design files will you accept for PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion?
    We accept all types of image files including: Photoshop files (.psd), Illustrator Files, Fireworks, PDF Files, Jpeg, Gif and Png
  • What if I don't have PSD for my Bootstrap HTML project?
    No worries. We will design PSD layout for your Bootstrap HTML project
  • Do you offer any discount for bulk orders for PSD to Bootstrap HTML Conversion Service?
    Yes, Contact Us today for more information.
  • Do you offer technical support for PSD to Bootstrap HTML solution after sale?
    Yes, we offer 30 days free after sales technical support with PSD to Bootstrap HTML project.
  • Will you provide me an invoice for the payment of PSD to Bootstrap HTML Conversion?
    Yes, we will.
  • Do you sign NDA (non disclosure agreement) for my PSD to Bootstrap HTML project?
  • What are your payment terms for PSD to Bootstrap HTML slice?
    Our payment terms are simple: 50% to get started once you approve our proposal, and 50% when the job is done.
  • Could you specify list of supported browsers?
    PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion with us ensure 100% browser compatibility in all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE9, Safari, Opera etc.
  • Are your PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversions SEO compatible?
    Yes, the designs created using the PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversions are search-engine friendly.
  • Will I get Mobile Friendly Bootstrap HTML Conversion from PSD?
    Yes, all our Bootstrap HTML conversion websites are fully responsive so that will best fit to all mobile devices and tablets.
  • How do I get a quote for PSD to Bootstrap HTML Conversion?
    Simply fill out the Contact Form and send your inquiries and quote requests to us.
  • Do you provide the custom PSD designing services for new websites?
    Yes, we do offer custom PSD designing.
  • Who will have the rights over the PSD to Bootstrap HTML code?
    You will completely own all the rights of the code and can use or modify it as you wish.
  • I have an Bootstrap HTML website, but I want to be converted it into Bootstrap HTML. Can you help on this?
    Sure, we can help you get a fully converted Bootstrap HTML website as we are experienced in Bootstrap HTML to Bootstrap HTML conversion.
  • What is your average delivery time for responsive PSD to Bootstrap HTML website development?
    Average delivery time is 2 working days, after all it depends upon design and length of work.
  • Can I hire your Bootstrap HTML developer on hourly basis for PSD conversion job?
    Yes, you can hire our dedicated Bootstrap HTML developer on hourly basis.
  • Do you have any PSD to Bootstrap HTML work samples I can view?
    Of course! Visit our online portfolio on the website where we have showcased some of our favorite projects and best work. If you want to see more samples, you can get in touch with us via our Contact Us form.
  • I am an Agency - do you offer bulk discounts in PSD to Bootstrap HTML Service?
    We do offer bulk discounts for our agency partners depending upon the monthly work volume. Please get in touch with one of our Sales consultants today to discuss your needs and agency discounts.

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