eCommerce Development Company

eCommerce Development Company

Every eCommerce site wants to sell, but only a few are successful. At Wish Info we are dedicated to providing offshore eCommerce solutions that will responsive design, increase sales and profit and bring in loyal customers. Our services can help you with a new site or an existing one to increase sales. The team members have a high level of experience with designing as well as developing eCommerce sites so we know what to do and not to do. At Wish Info you will find many services to choose from related to online marketing that fulfill all of the requirements you have.

What will our services do for you?

You will see your conversion rate skyrocket. The team will improve the structure of your site and ensure your site navigation is user friendly, a factor that gets you maximum benefits for your efforts when it comes to making a sale.

Our team will optimize your website for SEO and bring in a huge amount of traffic to your site. With our SEO eCommerce solutions, you will reach the location and target audience you wish to reach.

A shopping cart is integrated into your website based on your needs and specifications. Our team can also customize any open source shopping cart software as well to make your eCommerce storefront stand out from others that are using the same script. This is what we are here for, to create a solution that is custom created to do what you need. Shopping cart development is import for all eCommerce sites.

Responsive eCommerce Website Design

Our developed website will be responsive in design, it means eCommerce website will be scalable and that will work and load in all mobiles phones, all browsers and all operation system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take your team to build my E-commerce shopping cart website?
    That all depends on you and your business' needs. Typically an online store takes about 3-5 weeks but it can certainly vary.
  • How much will my E-commerce website cost?
    A E-commerce website can cost as little as $500 or as much as £10,000. However final cost depends on your requirement. Contact us now to discuss further.
  • Will I find my E-commerce website on the search engines?
    Yes we always design E-commerce store to be search engine friendly.
  • What about payment gateway and shipping integration on E-commerce websites?
    We can integrate the most common payment gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout) on your E-commerce websites, however you might have a specific request and it might take some time to study that specific case.
  • How many products can be featured in my E-commerce store?
    There is absolutely none limitation.
  • I need a E-commerce website on a very reasonable price. Can Wish Info help me?
    Yes of course
  • I already have someone else designing my E-commerce website, can you use that design?
    Yes, we'd be happy to work with your existing design
  • Does Wish Info have hosting options for E-commerce web design solution?
    Yes, we offer several different hosting packages to ensure your E-commerce ecommerce website will be taken care of properly.

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