Hire Drupal Developers

Hire Drupal Developer

Drupal is a leading open source enterprise content management system. Many of the world's top companies are leveraging Drupal to develop powerful and dynamic websites. Our team of best Drupal CMS developers - skilled in MVC, HTML/CSS, XML, JavaScript- offer customized, advanced and engaging sites.

Wish Info, an India based company that comes with excellent ideas in providing the finest Drupal websites matching all the desirable requirements. Our developer is having vast expertise in Drupal technology. They can go beyond the limit to deliver the best of the best web applications or any Drupal conversion services. Our policies are cherished with significant features to enhance the customer's business growth at very effective cost in minimum time.

Dedicated Drupal Developer's Expertise:

  • Drupal CMS Development
  • Extensions Development
  • Drupal Website Development
  • Drupal Template Customization
  • Custom Drupal Applications
  • Drupal Intranet Applications
  • Drupal Theme Development
  • Maintenance / Data Migration
  • Website Design and Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Module Development
  • Theme Customization
  • Existing Modules Customization
  • Drupal Customization
  • Module Installation
  • eCommerce Website Development
  • Intranet/Extranet Application Development
  • Community Website Development

Advantages of Hiring Drupal Developer

  • Dedication towards Projects
  • Task Monitoring and Customer Reporting (daily/weekly/monthly basis)
  • Standard Development Method using latest development technologies
  • Higher standard of coding tactics
  • Responsible and Dependable Developers
  • Quick and instant communications
  • Daily direct communication with Development Manager and Developer via the phone or skype.
  • Developers show daily & weekly working reports
  • Reporting as per your need and method
  • Disciplined timely delivery of projects by our Drupal developers
  • Affordable Rates and various Cost-Saving Packages
  • Developers are hired keeping in mind their English speaking skills for easy communication.

Process to Hire Dedicated Drupal Developer:

We suggest you few developers as per your requirement. You go through the details about the developers and select a developer, who you think is best fit for your project. You pay us; your assigned developer will start working for you from specified date. We use email and instant messaging as primary medium of communication but we do allow phone calls if urgent. You brief them the work to be done on daily basis and you will be monitoring their work directly. If at any given point you are unhappy with the assigned developer we will be more than happy to replace him by finding a suitable replacement, it can take few days. You own the rights of the work done. No hidden charges or clauses.

Business Website Design in Drupal:

Wish Info outsourcing Business Website Design services that allow you to promote your business. Wish Info can design business website that will highlight your personal and unique approach to your business.

Our professional Drupal CMS developers are expert in business website design for small business to large scale businesses like various industries, corporate, sports, marketplaces, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, organizations and many more. Remotely hired Drupal coder will work in your business website project only. We have best offers for startup companies. Contact us now for further detail.

Our Hiring Model

  • Hourly basis

    You can hire project specific Drupal Developers from Wish Info within your budget. Hire dedicated and talented Drupal Developers from us to meet your goal.

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  • Full-time Basis

    Hire Drupal Developers on full time basis who will work for strict number of hours daily. All our development team integrates your every project very carefully.

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  • Part-time Basis

    Enjoy the advantage of hiring part time Drupal Developers. They will also provide you high quality work within your timeframe & budget without any extra charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the case if I am not happy with the performance of your Drupal Developer, will I get replacement?
    You will be provided with an able replacement within 3 working days without additional charge.
  • How will I allocate tasks and communicate with Drupal Developer/programmer?
    You can communicate via email, skype and other Instant Messengers. You can assign tasks through email or through Project Management tool.
  • What is the experience of Drupal Developer?
    Drupal Developer working on your project will have a minimum experience of 3 years.
  • Does Drupal Developers work on your payroll or are they freelancers?
    We hire the Drupal Developers and they are permanent employees of the company. Drupal Developers are B.Tech or MCA in computer science from reputed university.
  • What if Drupal Developer working on project leaves your company?
    Drupal Developer working in the company has to serve notice period of 1 month. During this period knowledge of the project is transferred to the new Drupal Developer. Since the Drupal Developer works under a Team Lead, knowledge transfer process is very smooth ensuring no effect on your project.
  • Are there any additional charges or hidden charges for Drupal Developer?
    There are no hidden charges. What you see here is what you have to pay.
  • Will I work with your Drupal Developers on project basis?
    Yes of course, If you not want to hire Drupal Developer then you can work with us project basis.
  • Do you offer any discount on Hire Drupal Developer?
    Our pricing is based on a long term relationship aimed at giving maximum benefits to our customers.
  • What contracts and agreements do you sign for Hire Drupal Developer?
    We sign NDA
  • Can I define and enforce our coding standards on your Drupal Developers?
    Yes. Our Drupal Developers can follow your coding standards in your favor.
  • Will my hired Drupal Developers speak English?
    Yes, all our Drupal Developers are speaking English fluently.
  • Will I own all of the source code produced by my hired Drupal Developer?
    Yes, you will.
  • Where do my hired Drupal Developer work?
    Your Drupal Developer work at our offshore development centre so that they can acquire technical support from seniors and other staff.
  • What are your hourly and monthly rates for a single dedicated Drupal Developer?
    We charge $15-$20 per hour to offer our single Drupal Developer to you for hire.
  • What is your payment structure?
    50% down payment and remaining 50% at the end of month. We accept payment through PayPal & bank wire transfer
  • How my hired Drupal Developer follow the work and task reporting?
    We have routine of filling the time sheet for proper Timely reporting as well as the problem solving and feedback processes.

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