Hire HTML Coder

Hire HTML Coder

One of the best new feature came into Web designing is HTML5. HTML5 is latest version of HyperText Markup Language. It is an advance version of HTML5 with many new Tags. HTML5 is most popular now a days just because of its amazing features. It support almost all browsers and having full support CSS3. Now days in all web, mobile & Tablet web design this technology is frequently using. Wish Info follow this technology also and provide you best output with various new features of HTML5.

Our HTML coders are well expert to develop very attractive and user-friendly website in latest version of HTML5. Your can also move your website HTML4 to HTML5 easily with minor changes.

We are specialized in

  • Responsive HTML with Mobile, Tablet, Horizontal, Vertical flips.
  • W3C HTML, CSS standards
  • Jquery, Jason, AJAX, Javascripts Gurus
  • High UI Design, for Web apps

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated HTML Developer from Wish Info

  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Client satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Money refund policy.
  • Availability at the time of emergency.
  • Seamless customer and technical support.
  • Timely final project delivery.
  • Flexible and hassle free hiring process.
  • Young and enthusiastic team of professionals.
  • Well qualified pool of talented programmers
  • Seamless customer & technical support.
  • Client-centric & Relationship oriented.
  • Ready to sign Non Disclosure Agreement.

SEO Oriented Coding

From SEO point of view, HTML websites are perfect. We create websites which will be SEO friendly. Our HTML coder take care of SEO so that you don’t need to put extra effort for indexing in search engines. Our sites also come with flawless execution and easy navigation. They have strong background coding which run smoothly in any browser.

Select the best option for you:

Wish Info provide flexible hiring program according to your specific business wants.

  • Full Time Hiring
  • Part Time Hiring
  • Hourly Hiring
  • Custom Hiring

Our Hiring Model

  • Hourly basis

    You can hire project specific HTML Coders from Wish Info within your budget. Hire dedicated and talented HTML Coders from us to meet your goal.

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  • Full-time Basis

    Hire HTML Coders on full time basis who will work for strict number of hours daily. All our development team integrates your every project very carefully.

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  • Part-time Basis

    Enjoy the advantage of hiring part time HTML Coders. They will also provide you high quality work within your timeframe & budget without any extra charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the case if I am not happy with the performance of your HTML Coder, will I get replacement?
    You will be provided with an able replacement within 3 working days without additional charge.
  • How will I allocate tasks and communicate with HTML Coder/programmer?
    You can communicate via email, skype and other Instant Messengers. You can assign tasks through email or through Project Management tool.
  • What is the experience of HTML Coder?
    HTML Coder working on your project will have a minimum experience of 3 years.
  • Does HTML Coders work on your payroll or are they freelancers?
    We hire the HTML Coders and they are permanent employees of the company. HTML Coders are B.Tech or MCA in computer science from reputed university.
  • What if HTML Coder working on project leaves your company?
    HTML Coder working in the company has to serve notice period of 1 month. During this period knowledge of the project is transferred to the new HTML Coder. Since the HTML Coder works under a Team Lead, knowledge transfer process is very smooth ensuring no effect on your project.
  • Are there any additional charges or hidden charges for HTML Coder?
    There are no hidden charges. What you see here is what you have to pay.
  • Will I work with your HTML Coders on project basis?
    Yes of course, If you not want to hire HTML Coder then you can work with us project basis.
  • Do you offer any discount on Hire HTML Coder?
    Our pricing is based on a long term relationship aimed at giving maximum benefits to our customers.
  • What contracts and agreements do you sign for Hire HTML Coder?
    We sign NDA
  • Can I define and enforce our coding standards on your HTML Coders?
    Yes. Our HTML Coders can follow your coding standards in your favor.
  • Will my hired HTML Coders speak English?
    Yes, all our HTML Coders are speaking English fluently.
  • Will I own all of the source code produced by my hired HTML Coder?
    Yes, you will.
  • Where do my hired HTML Coder work?
    Your HTML Coder work at our offshore development centre so that they can acquire technical support from seniors and other staff.
  • What are your hourly and monthly rates for a single dedicated HTML Coder?
    We charge $15-$20 per hour to offer our single HTML Coder to you for hire.
  • What is your payment structure?
    50% down payment and remaining 50% at the end of month. We accept payment through PayPal & bank wire transfer
  • How my hired HTML Coder follow the work and task reporting?
    We have routine of filling the time sheet for proper Timely reporting as well as the problem solving and feedback processes.

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